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HIQ Group Limited is the leading experts in personalized solutions for your workspace and learning environment. Our office furniture Hong Kong headquarters provide high-quality products and services from Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong to Asian countries and beyond. We also offer consultation and project management services to clients. As an office furniture company, we deliver quality school equipment and office furniture while maintaining the highest standards.


The most-viewed items this week

avarte's DESIGN

Avarte’s collection is both classic and timeless, emphasizing its simple lines and structure, blending perfectly with your living, working, and learning spaces. The designers of the collection also incorporated ergonomic elements into the furniture, giving you the ultimate sense of comfort and functionality. Avarte’s designs bring the best Finish office furniture designs to Hong Kong.


Flötotto has more than 50 years of experience in designing furniture for schools. Flötotto combines flexibility, comfort and science for generations of students, providing schools with a sustainable and practical solution. The collection features ergonomic chairs that encourage healthy posture and maximum concentration, with customizable storage solutions for schools.

vivero's DESIGN

Vivero combines innovation and functionality, creating designs that give your spaces a modern touch. This collection embraces both originality and functionality – perfect for those looking to construct a creative and modern living space. The collection is a popular choice for people looking for an office furniture company that provides innovative workspace solutions.

Grado's design

Grado’s collection features minimalistic and modern furniture that suit the needs of contemporary lifestyles. Grado’s designs connect people to their living spaces – prioritizing function and comfort while elevating the aesthetic of your home. The collection also features a classic range of color palettes that can be incorporated seamlessly into your house.

Chill's design

Chill’s collection offers the finest acoustic booths, providing privacy for your meetings and phone calls in your office. The collection brings high-quality soundproofing technology to your office without sacrificing style or functionality. The acoustic booths also have built-in ventilation, creating the perfect working space for your team.


HIQ Group Limited is an office furniture company providing furniture to Hong Kong working, learning, and living spaces. We also act as a distributor of world-famous brands, featuring a diverse range of styles, aesthetics, and materials.

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