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Scales of the project: 8,000 sq.ft

Location: Midas Plaza, San Po Kong

HK JEBN Limited was established in 1998. It is the pioneer of upper floor shop. It sells a large variation of products in the form of self-service marts. Based on the philosophy of “customers and quality always come first”, we try our best to provide high quality products and excellent sales service.

The Buono series are low stools that can change the overall look of your office space. The stool is inspired by minimalistic modern architecture and is available in different sizes and shapes. It can either be scattered freely in the office or grouped together to create a visual treat. The Buono is available in combination of grey, yellow, green, and black.

The Collar is an office table series that is inspired by the Chinese costume – Tang. This table series incorporates the basic characteristics of the Tang costume, i.e. the standing collar and buckles across the front. The table also has a USB charging port on the front to add to its functionality. The Collar is available in blue, green, yellow, grey, and black colours.

SYS is an elegantly designed office chair that is inspired by the ridged scallop shell. The chairs are designed with vertical lines made using the technique of embossing. The lines provide good support to the back while seated thus providing ample comfort. The SYS chairs are made with and without armrests and are available in a range of colours. Customers can choose between 4-leg and star base made using wood or metal.

Carseat is a seating cubicle that can be used in lounge, break area or cafeteria in an office. It comes with single or double seat sofas that are arranged facing each other. The cubicles can be designed as half or full cubicles depending on your requirement. The Carseats are available in red, blue, green, and yellow colours and provide a trendy look to the space.

A brilliant design by the Finnish interior designer Harri Korhonen, the Bondo sofa is a free-form 2-seater sofa which is solid, smooth and rounded. This totally upholstered, soft sofa can add an element of comfort and peace in any public or semi-public space such as waiting areas. Available in a combination of solid red and black colours, the Bondo sofa can be used as single seats or joined together to make a bigger seating space.

Categories: Seating (conference and meeting, lounge & sofa, training), Training, Coworking, Meet, Work

Designed by Harri Korhonen, the Lab chair comes with a plain quilted seat that provides you ultimate comfort while seated. The chair is available in three designs – Lab W, which can be stacked vertically, Lab Z with a height adjustment mechanism, and Lab X with a cross leg. The chairs are available with and without armrests and comes in blue, black, and white finishes.

The Lab table is designed by Harri Korhonen and is a modular table that can be put to a variety of uses. It is an extendable table and comes with wooden legs for good support. The tabletop is available in both black and white finishes. The Lab table is the perfect accompaniment for the Lab chair and can be used in conference and meeting rooms, training rooms, and coworking spaces.

The Swift Meet is an ergonomically designed standing desk that can be used in a variety of spaces. Apart from office areas, the Swift Meet can be used in the conference room, meeting room, and training room. The unique feature of the desk is that the height can be adjusted based on individual requirements. Available in a range of finishes, this elegantly crafted desk is made of MFC and veneer.

Product used by the product: Buono, Collar, Sys, Carseat, Lab-chair, Lab-Bar Table