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Keio engineering co ltd


Scales of the project: 5,000 sq.ft

Location: Pacific Place, Sheung Wan


Keio Engineering Co Ltd. started business as a MEP specialized contractor in 1983. With over thirty years of solid heritage, Keio has been committed to advancing the interests of our clients while boosting efficiency and maximizing performance. Our strength lies in understanding our clients’ objectives and ensuring our customized solutions are closely aligned with their needs.


I-Works is a series of desks and tables that provide a stylish and trendy look to your office space. It is made of a high-quality steel and solid-color or wood grain MFC. The desk is available in different styles and colors to suit all office environments. The I-Works desking system would make a great addition to office and coworking spaces.


If space is a constraint in your office, then this compact steel sliding door cabinet would be the right choice. The cabinet door comes with a special attachment in the bottom for easy sliding. The lock provided at the center of the door keeps your belongings safe. This type of cabinet is available in different sizes and colors to suit the varying requirements of customers.


ELV is a simple and elegant design task chair. It makes people work effectively and efficiently in the office. Smoothly and silky leather upholstery is full of sensation. Swirling motion gives you a seat movement which to help back pain reduce.


Whether you have a small office with a handful of employees or a large one with many members of staff, we have the right kind of meeting tables for your requirements. Our Guanheng conference tables are designed taking into consideration the modern office requirements. The table comes with a broad top to accommodate several laptops and charging ports for connecting the electronic devices. The table is made with high-quality veneer and is available in a range of finishes.


Designed by Yury Sysoev, the Arco is a collection of executive desks well known for its smooth lines and excellent finish. The desk comes with a side unit that provides ample storage space. The panel in the front of the desk add to the aesthetics of the office setting. The Arco is made with high-quality veneer and is available in dark wenge veneer and light bleached oak tones.


Product used by the product: i-work, steel-sliding door, EVL, Guanheng Meeting Table, Arco Executive Table