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Phillip Securities Group


Scale of the project: 8,000 sq. ft

Location:     Admiralty Centre, Admiralty

Phillip Securities Group is one of the members of Phillip Capital. Phillip Capital founded in 1975 in Singapore, our member companies operate in 16 financial hubs, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, US, Japan, UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Cambodia and Dubai.

Designed by interior designer Jouni Leino, the Intensive is a multi-purpose table that can be customized as per your requirements. The table comes with a variety of table tops and legs, in different shapes and materials. The spacious cable tray beneath the table can be used to connect electricity and network cables, socket outlets, and telephone connections. The Intensive can be used in conference halls, meeting rooms, and even coworking spaces.

Style and grace are combined together in the EMS office chair. The chair is designed with a metal frame and is upholstered using imported leather. The height of the chair can be adjusted using the pneumatic bar. The EMS is a swivel chair that comes with a star base. The hard casters add to the mobility of the chair. The EMS executive chair can be used in offices, as well as meeting and conference rooms.

Product used by the product: Intensive,

Brand name: Avarte, hiq SELECT