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The Wealth Business Centre


 Scales of the project: 8,000 sq.ft

Location: Midas Plaza, San Po Kong

The Wealth Business Centre, one that is located in a self-owned property, provides co-working space, serviced offices, virtual offices and various kinds of business consultancy services under by a sound management with the support of comprehensive service facilities.

The D360 is an aluminium frame with tile panels of different materials that can be used to partition the workstations in an office. It is made of highly durable steel and MFC. The panel has a choice between fabric panels in various colours or transparent tiles, metal & MFC. Thus, customers have a wide range of choices. Apart from offices, this panel can also be used in coworking spaces and reception areas.

Designed by interior designer Jouni Leino, the Intensive is a multi-purpose table that can be customized as per your requirements. The table comes with a variety of table tops and legs, in different shapes and materials. The spacious cable tray beneath the table can be used to connect electricity and network cables, socket outlets, and telephone connections. The Intensive can be used in conference halls, meeting rooms, and even coworking spaces.

A popular design by the Finnish mastermind Mikko Laakkonen, Aura Wood is a part of the Aura family. With a standard back height and a wooden frame, Aura Wood is designed to be used as a regular sofa while still retaining the trademark characteristics of the award-winning Aura sofa. Aura Wood is a perfect addition to any common space such as a co-working space with its bright and eccentric colours adding a playful touch to any interior.

A brilliant design by the Finnish interior designer Harri Korhonen, the Bondo sofa is a free-form 2-seater sofa which is solid, smooth and rounded. This totally upholstered, soft sofa can add an element of comfort and peace in any public or semi-public space such as waiting areas. Available in a combination of solid red and black colours, the Bondo sofa can be used as single seats or joined together to make a bigger seating space.

Product used by the product:     PRO Chair, PROV Chair, INTENSIVE Table, AURA Sofa, BONDO Sofa