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Agile Table


As the name suggests, Schiavello’s Agile Table is a flexible, tech integrated office table designed by Amanda Stanaway. Agile Table offers a diverse experience in the work place. It can be used for seated work as well as collaboration/standing meetings. This table was designed to address the need for a team table that encourages agile performance in the office. Agile Tables comes in a variety of textures and colors to suit the needs of any number of different office spaces.

Product Features:
• Types: Storming Table, Work Table
• Adjustable height
• Ability to work sitting or standing
• Hidden cable reticulation
• Option to add multiple work points

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Schiavello began its journey of creating and servicing office furnishings over 50 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. The company excels in high-quality and innovative solutions covering workstations, seating, tables, booths, lighting and accessories. Focus, Blom, Bomba, Kayt, Krossi and Toku are few of the most versatile collections that Schiavello has to offer. Each Schiavello product is defined by its versatility, durability, flexibility, and comfort to improve well-being and productivity in an office environment. A number of the most notable designers are associated with the company apart from Schiavello Design Studio. These designers include Ivan Woods, Amanda Stanaway, Chris Connell, Gavin Harris, and Nick Tennant.

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