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Agile Table


Designed by Schiavello’s People and Culture and Product Development teams, in collaboration with acclaimed Australian designer Amanda Stanaway, the Agile Table responds to the need for a team table that supports agile mindsets and technological needs within the office.


The Agile Table has the option of height adjustability, as well as supporting dual heights for collaboration or focused, solo work. Various work points can be added, along with tools and accessories for a truly agile experience. To incorporate a screen and/or power and data capabilities, add the complementary Agile Power Totem accessory. The Power Totem easily clips into the existing totem, making it possible to retrofit and remove when not needed. With a spring-return lid over the power outlet, all data capabilities remain seamless and neat.


Research suggests that a standing meeting at a table such as Agile can stimulate a positive change in active communication, active thinking and idea sharing between a group of people.


Employees can engage in various types of interactions using Agile’s dual heights: casual lounging, formal and informal standing or seated meetings, standing huddles, swarming and reforming, just to name a few. The system fosters movement and prompts people to alter their posture throughout the day, supporting employee’s comfort and wellness.


The Agile Table empowers teams and individuals, ensuring they have the freedom to choose the space they need to get their work done, along with the tools they require so that they can feel connected and highly effective. It also provides them with the ability to effectively move back and forth between solo and group work without interruption.



Schiavello’s People and Culture and Product Development teams, in combination with acclaimed Australian designer Amanda Stanaway, identified the need for a team table that supports agile mindsets within the modern office.

With the notion of ‘forming and reforming’ environments and activating communication, the outcome of the collaboration led to the development of the Agile Table. The Agile Table redefines the way in which people interact and activate spaces by allowing choice of preferred work modes and enabling transitions from group work to independent work seamlessly.

Consisting of the Storming Table and the Work Table, Agile supports collaboration or focused work, with the option to add multiple work points, tools and accessories, such as the Agile Power Totem, for a truly agile experience. A dual-height option adds an ergonomic benefit for standing interactions, while also encouraging impromptu connections between people and their teams. Fostering a positive performance culture, Agile Table empowers teams and individuals with choice and agility in the workplace.


Amanda Stanaway, Principal of Woods Bagot Sydney, sits at the forefront of workplace design, currently working with a broad portfolio of corporate clients worldwide.

Her role encompasses strategy and interior design across the commercial, lifestyle and public sectors. This mix of skills and diversity of knowledge provides a unique, comprehensive and innovative approach to projects for her clients.

Amanda has been instrumental in creating some of Australia’s most cutting-edge workplaces – delivering real business advantage and positive change for global organizations.

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