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Chill Four


Made for meetings that just can’t wait. Chill Four is an elegant meeting room where you can hold meetings with your team. Designed for comfortable work in small spaces. Maximum flexibility, incredibly quiet and with a pleasant supply of fresh air. Just right for team players who have big plans.
Meetings require space. We know this! A large 80×60 cm table offers space for several laptops and accessories. The birch plywood table top has a white HPL surface and is therefore super robust.
Our core product design philosophy is to create a phone box that combines good soundproofing, quality and design. – At a great price. The construction of the phone box has so many special features that make a huge difference in everyday use.
The basic principle of ventilation works similar to the telephone box for one person. Four large fans provide plenty of fresh air. Fresh air flows into the inside of the Chill Meeting box via the two ventilation inlets on the top. The old air is extracted below via the ventilation grilles. “Acoustic traps” are again installed in each element to prevent sound leakage.
The result: Plenty of fresh air without worsening the soundproofing. Just awesome!
Chill Four offers plenty of connections in a convenient location. 1x socket, 2x USB and 1x LAN are integrated in each sofa. In addition, the 2x LED and 4x fans are controlled by a motion sensor. When you enter your chill meeting box, the light and ventilation go on. When leaving, the fans continue to run automatically until all the used air has been removed.
Two comfortable sofas create space for up to 4 people in the chill meeting cabin. The sofas are 110 cm wide, so 2 people can easily sit on each side. An electrical unit with 1x socket, 2x USB and 1x LAN is installed in each of the sofas. – Everything within reach.
Outer lining
The key aspect in the design of our telephone box was to create an extremely high-quality meeting cabin. Our regular exterior cladding consists of acoustic felt elements. The elements can simply be clipped on. Duration 10 seconds. You have a high-quality look without seeing the screws of the construction. And if you feel like it, you can use a different color every week!

Product Features:
• Available space: 4 person
• 1x socket, 2x USB, 2x LED, & 1x LAN
• Light-flooded interior through 2 glass sides.
• 4x large fans provide air supply. And that quietly.
• 3500K LED with motion sensor
• Sofas, table & Co. make Chill the ideal meeting place for 4 people
• 4 Colors (Blue, Grey, Black, Wood)
• Outside: 2200 x 2200 x 1200 mm (h, w, d)
• Inside: 2060 x 2000 x 1120 mm (h, w, d)

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