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It was challenging and pleasant to enter into a new kind of a conference environment, one where casualty is emphasized instead of representative look. To use wood as material felt natural in the current spirit as its considered warm and positive. We still added a quilted loose cushion to strengthen the cozy effect. I was particularly satisfied that we managed to make a chair as comfortable as Lab to be vertically stackable.”     —Designer: Harri Korhonen, Owner of Inno

  • Wooden leg
  • Stackable
  • Colorful fabric for selection
  • Modern style
  • Multi-function design

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hiq Select

HIQ Group Limited are workspace solutions and school furniture experts as well as the manufacturer of many world-renowned brands. As experienced furniture makers, HIQ Group have developed their own furniture line, “hiQ SELECT,” which features high quality products with affordable prices and customized colors and materials to tailor for the different needs of customers.

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Coworking, School Furniture, Training chair

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