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Kayt Hutch


A part of the Kayt Village collection, Kayt Hutch provides an alternative, premium workspace that allows for quiet, private moments. When clustered in two, Kayt Hutch enables a meeting place for up to 4 people. It is a space efficient solution that can activate small or unused spaces.


Kayt Hutch can be configured for both meeting and individual work settings, and used alone or in pairs. It is a space efficient solution that can activate small spaces or otherwise unutilised transitional spaces.

A highly adaptable furniture system, Kayt Hutch is not only designed for offices but also for universities, libraries, hotels, airports, galleries and health care institutions.


Features re-charging access for mobile and working devices such as tablets and laptops.


Kayt Village is an intelligent furniture collection that promotes dynamic working and learning environments. Consisting of three designs: Nook, Cabana and Hutch, the Kayt Village collection offers employees the freedom to seek out the optimal environment for the task at hand.

Kayt Hutch allows the user to seek out a private and quiet place outside of the noise of an open plan work environment. This allows the worker to engage in space that suits their workload, resulting in higher productivity.




Visually shielded, Kayt Hutch’s ‘room within a room’ enables privacy. Responding to the necessity for noise reduction in open plan spaces, it also helps to absorb disruptive sounds in the surrounding environment.



Today’s drive towards highly flexible, activity based and agile workplaces puts certain demands on product inputs that were not much of a consideration in more traditional, fixed workplaces.

Due to evolving technology and these emerging trends, Schiavello developed Kayt Village, an intelligent furniture collection that caters to these new and flexible environments. Based on the success of the Kayt Quiet design in 2008, the Kayt Village collection was launched, which includes the Cabana, Nook and Hutch.

“The purpose behind Kayt Village is that each piece from the collection is designed to perform more than a single function and enhance physical and psychological comfort in working and education spaces,” says designer Ivan Woods.

Kayt Hutch creates a semi-enclosed area in open workspaces, balancing active working environments and helping workers get the quiet time they may need in an open plan office.


The late Ivan Woods designed interiors and products for over 30 years. His work drew inspiration from his travels and interior architecture training in Perth, Australia. Working across projects within the UK, US, Germany and Italy, Ivan specialised in hotel and workspace design.

Schiavello and Ivan Woods maintained a solid history together. Our collaborative design process, which evolved over a decade, yielded distinctive collections such as Toro Collection in 2011, Palomino Chair in 2014, and both Kayt Village and Bomba Sofa in 2015.

With a strong architectural sensibility and carefully considered geometry, Ivan enriched his designs’ emotional qualities in the fine detailing and sense of place. Ivan explained, “Good design is the creation of spaces, experiences and objects, embedded with strong and dynamic emotional connections to the people that use them. This is done through reflecting a sense of place, with a cultural authenticity and aesthetic.”

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