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採用PU定型高密度高彈性阻燃海綿,耐衝擊,回彈力強,長時間外力作用下不易變形,中有凹槽,引入adaptive Bolstering(自我調整支撐),無需調節而自動匹配適合不同身型,表層捫皮,經防黴、 防水、防油污、防磨損及抗塵埃處理,固定扶手,氣壓棒通過DIN安全認證,同步傾仰功能垂直位置背鎖功能,金屬五星底座,硬質腳輪。 產品通過CAL117阻燃認證,BIFMA標準測試。 通過垂直載荷169磅(750牛)或77KG功能性測試及253磅(1125牛)或115KG驗證性測試。

采用PU定型高密度高弹性阻燃海绵,耐冲击,回弹力强,长时间外力作用下不易变形,中有凹槽,引入adaptive Bolstering(自我调整支撑),无需调节而自动匹配适合不同身型,表层扪皮,经防霉、 防水、防油污、防磨损及抗尘埃处理,固定扶手,气压棒通过DIN安全认证,同步倾仰功能垂直位置背锁功能,金属五星底座,硬质脚轮。产品通过CAL117阻燃认证,BIFMA标准测试。通过垂直载荷169磅(750牛)或77KG功能性测试及253磅(1125牛)或115KG验证性测试。

PU-shaped high-density and high-elastic flame-retardant sponge, which is resistant to impact and strong resilience. It is not easy to be deformed under the action of long time external force. It has grooves in the middle and introduces adaptive Bolstering (self-adjusting support). It can be automatically matched to different body types without adjustment. Surface suede, mildewproof, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-wear and anti-dust treatment, fixed armrest, pneumatic rod through DIN safety certification, synchronous tilting function vertical position back lock function, metal five-star base, hard casters. The product has passed CAL117 flame retardant certification and BIFMA standard test. Pass the 169 lb (750 N) or 77 KG functional test with a vertical load and a 253 lb (1125 N) or 115 KG confirmatory test.

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HIQ Group Limited are workspace solutions and school furniture experts as well as the manufacturer of many world-renowned brands. As experienced furniture makers, HIQ Group have developed their own furniture line, “hiQ SELECT,” which features high quality products with affordable prices and customized colors and materials to tailor for the different needs of customers.

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