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The Pinou is a linkable and stackable table system that can be used for a variety of purposes. The tabletop is made of melamine-coated particleboard. The frame of the table is made of welded tubular steel and is available in round and square shape. The Pinou table can be used as office or school furniture.

Product Features
● Linkable and stackable table system
● Made of melamine and tubular steel
● Available in round and square shapes
● Ideal office and school furniture

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Jouni Leino

‘Prerequisite for designer’s success is to understand the hopes, needs and wishes of the customer; also of the end-user, who the designer might not ever meet. The designer has to know the mechanisms of the industry and economy, but still stay brave and unprejudiced.
The basic everyday work is all about joineries, bendings and constructions, but the designer should keep his thoughts funny, even wild and reckless. His character should be temperamental and impulsive, but still he is expected to have guts to go through thousands of possibilities the forthcoming problem creates. Even if there is a lot of work and the product development projects take time, he should live a sparkling, bohemian celebrity’s public life. He should be experienced but young. It is said to be possible.’



Avarte is a Finland-based furniture company that is the brainchild of the famous Finnish interior designer Yrjo Kukkapuro. Shanghai AVARTE Furniture Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 to produce and market Avarte products in China. The cornerstone of AVARTE’s collection are the timeless classics designed by Yrjo Kukkapuro. Other distinguished designers include Harri Korhonen, Mikko Laakkonen, Suppanen Ilkka and Mikko Paakkanen. AVARTE’s furniture is defined by its lightness and honesty of form reflected in the structural detail of each piece. AVARTE’s furniture is made with recyclable material which is high-quality, durable and long-lasting. Atlejee, Aura, Bondo and Dress are few of the most popular designs by AVARTE which are absolute classics.

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Coworking, School Furniture, Training & Auditorium, Training chair



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