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Large projects require perfect teamwork from everyone involved. to-sync work knows that, too, and has created a range of dynamic swivel chairs which help you meet your deadlines with stylish design and adapt to your everyday work life with smart mechanical and ergonomic features. Choose between the light and airy mesh-line, which makes a statement in black or white, or the soft comfort line, which gently has your back. Colored covers enable you to give your swivel chair your own distinctive makeover.
Lean back. When personalized comfort strengthens your back and every detail adapts to your needs – that‘s your launch pad.
Take a deep breath. When breathable materials keep your back free, and functional ergonomics stimulate your creativity – that ‘s freedom.
Linger for a while. When minimalist design meets maximum functionality and impresses at first sight – that‘s when you fall in love.

Product Features
● Simply adjust the seat height to exactly the length of your lower leg and always stay relaxed at the right height.
● You are the measure of all things, because the length of your thighs
determines your seat depth. Thanks to the adjustable sliding seat (5 cm), your legs are optimally supported and relieved.
● Even though the deadline is getting pretty close, you stay cool thanks to
the high breathable backrest (57 cm), while the height-adjustable lumbar
support supports your back exactly where it is needed the most.
● Your chair is your personal trainer. Thanks to the synchronous mechanism,
seat and backrest actively and harmoniously follow your movements and provide
support when you need it, the more often you change your sitting position,
the fitter you stay. If you want to, you can fix also the backrest (three
● The right setting: precisely adjusted to the individual user (for appr.
45-125 kg), you always cut a good figure – whether fully concentrated or
fully relaxed.
● As you work, let the flexible armrests with their soft PU padding support
your arms by adjusting their height and width to suit your requirements. They‘re in the right position when your arms are supported and your shoulders loose and relaxed
● Years of comfortable seating on the fabric that dreams are made of: easy-care,
durable, and hard-wearing (tested by 80,000 trouser bottoms).
● The cross-shaped plastic base (Ø 69 cm) not only looks good, but also provides
stability in all positions.
Stop‘n‘roll with the flow, smooth thanks to castors with a generous
diameter (Ø 65 mm). Whether for hard or soft floors.
● The chair is TUV-certificated (GS= proofed security) – you can feel
● Synchronization

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Dauphin is a leading provider of office furniture solutions based in Germany. They manufacture chairs, stools, benches, sofas, and ottomans for office spaces. In addition, they also manufacture acoustic pods that personalizes office space. Their furniture is based on the principle of environmental sustainability. Recycling materials and reducing the negative impact on the environment forms the basis for all their manufacturing activities.

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