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)Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School


Scales of the project: 5,000 sq.ft

Location: Cambridge House, Quarry Bay


Hong Kong Baptist University is a public-funded tertiary institution with a Christian education heritage. Founded in 1956, the University seeks to create an educational experience that is holistic in nature, and is committed to the ‘whole-person education’ ethos which aims at nurturing students to become well-rounded in their intellectual, professional, physical and moral development.


Hong Kong Baptist University, as a community of scholars, is committed to a distinctive mission of higher education which incorporates teaching, research and service, and which inculcates in all who participate, a sense of value that extends beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The University seeks to foster and to achieve excellence, intellectual freedom, and the highest of ethical standards. These commitments have evolved from the University’s heritage of Christian higher education within a Chinese cultural setting. As a result of this tradition, the University is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that develops and sustains the whole person in all these educational endeavours.

The HQ-06 is a uniquely designed training table that can be arranged in different configurations. The table is available in a curved shape and can be arranged as a round table for meeting rooms or a large oval table for training rooms. The highlight of the table are the canister wheels that makes it easy to move the table as you wish. The table is made of MFC and is available in a range of finishes.



Product used by the product: D801, HQ-06